Brant Bjork-"Gods and Goddesses" Transparent Blue or Yellow/Blue Vinyl

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Brand: Brant Bjork

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Transparent Blue or Yellow/Blue Vinyl. Ships around May 29, 2020.

Heavy Psych Sounds presents reissue of Brant Bjork's Gods & Goddesses, originally released in 2010. Gods & Goddesses was the seventh solo album released from desert rock artist Brant Bjork. It featured an all-new band lineup, including Billy Cordell (ex-bassist of Yawning Man). Produced by Ethan Allen and Brant Bjork. Recorded and mixed by Ethan Allen and Jim Watts. Mastered by Bruce Barielle. Personnel: Brant Bjork (guitar, vocals), Billy Cordell (bass), Brandon Henderson (guitar), Giampaolo Farnedi (drums). Cover art by Dirty Donny Gillies.
01. Dirty Bird
02. The Future Rock (We Got It)
03. Radio Mecca
04. Little World
05. Blowin' Up Shop
06. Good Time Bonnie
07. Porto
08. Somewhere Some Woman