Earthride/Doomraiser Split 7"


Brand: Earthride/Doomraiser

Limited 7" Black Vinyl.

EARTHRIDE - Supernatural Illusion (special guest Scott "Wino" Weinrichon vocals) DOOMRAISER - Guardian of the Great Eye (brand new song)
Doomraiser were born having the intention to pay tribute to the music and to the great family of Doom, without imposing to themselves to do it in an original way or to invent anything new, but just to pass, in the best way possible, the feeling the genre has. After the critically acclaimed second album "Erasing the Remembrance" the Roman group returns with a new song mixing depth of the doom of Black Sabbath brand with the punch of dark sepulchral atmosphere in the wake of Electric Wizard and Cathedral!

The Earthride sound is a brutal combination of Sherms' whiskey burned, Lemmy-esque vokills trainwrecked into a punishing mountain of doom. After releasing three excellent albums of Black Sabbath-inspired doom from the American group to revive the feats of the quartet of Birmingham with an apocalyptic passage, left and cemetery prelude to the publication of the new album "Something Wicked", using the song as a special guest Scott "Wino" Weinrich (Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Hidden Hand...)