About Heavy-Vinyl.com

Heavy Vinyl and Cassettes is an online music store based in Lewisville, North Carolina which focuses solely on selling new heavy metal records and cassettes, with a special focus on underground and unsigned doom, sludge, psych and retro metal.

Founded previously as pre-owned CD and Bookstore named Treasures Everywhere by music writer, metalhead, and sex symbol, David Locklear, it has now reopened under the more accurate moniker Heavy Vinyl and Cassettes. 

Heavy Vinyl and Cassettes is also a unique music outlet in that it will utilize Locklear's more than 10 years of music reporting experience with The Greensboro News and Record, Latitude Magazine, My Global Mind Webzine and The Asheville Citizen Times, to bring our customers an additional interactive music experience by giving you one on one interviews with bands, live concert coverage and live streaming interviews with your favorite metal bands on the Heavy Vinyl Presents series.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, ask us to order it! We are metal fans also, and love hearing about new music so we will do everything we can to get it in your hands.

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Heavy Vinyl and Cassettes

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Lewsiville, NC 27023


Email: heavyvinylandcassettes@gmail.com

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Heavy-Vinyl.com Logo Artwork, "Angus", by Brian Faulk