Badr Vogu - "Wroth" Black or Deluxe Color Double Vinyl


Brand: Bädr Vogu

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Black or Color Double Vinyl with Band Sticker and Download Card

Bädr Vogu is a sludge/doom/crust metal band hailing from Oakland, California that was formed in late 2009. Armed with a strong DIY ethic, they have steadily built an underground following in the States through incessant touring and a spattering of releases including a self-released demo (2010), a full-length (Exitium 2011), a split LP with Seattle based death/crust outfit Wilt (2012), and a tour tape/demo titled Agglomeration MMXIV released through Transylvanian Tapes (2014). They have also established a sizable following in Europe from the release and distribution of their debut album through the Spanish death/doom label Memento Mori. Their new album, Wroth, cohesively blends their strongest points into a massive and uncompromising slew of songs that they feel are their most compelling and ferocious to date. Wroth was recorded in the Spring and Summer of 2015 at Earhammer Studios in Oakland by Greg Wilkinson.