Blues Pills - "Lady in Gold"


Brand: Blues Pills

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Limited Edition Gold Vinyl

It´s been a long, hard and winding road for mankind, but in December 2011 the moment we´ve all – yet unknowingly and yet unaware of our coming salvation – been waiting for finally saw the light of day. Elin Larsson, Cory Berry and Zack Anderson, all just in their early Twenties, formed a group which should quickly become one of the most acclaimed and interesting bands in music. Behold the birth of a new musical experience, an experience we thought was long gone, lost in time and space. Behold the birth of BLUES PILLS.

The self-titled debut album has sold over 100,000 copies since its release in 2014. Now the young four-piece with the international line-up is stepping it up a notch on the new studio album Lady In Gold, proving that the band has matured enormously, musically speaking.