Confusion Master-"Awake" 180 Gram LP + CD and 3 Bonus Tracks


Brand: Confusion Master

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180 Gram LP + CD and 3 Bonus Tracks. Ships around May 11, 2018.

'Awaken' is Confusion Master's fist album: its main focus represents the band's attitude: condensation and reduction to what is really important and, musically, creates a well-focussed sound: existentialism and escapism - manifesting the personal horrors in tone drawing from these inspirations.

Confusion Master are walking traditional Doom paths, deeply rooted in Sabbathian mud but heads out to HEADS OUT, if you get the pun. Some sidekicks towards Sludge and underground hardcore as played in radical D.I.Y. circles add to the mix and instead of pigeonhole carpentry we deeply recommend listening to music and stop reading these stupid descriptions we try to come up with.