Orange Goblin-"The Wolf Bites Back" Limited Color Vinyl.


Brand: Orange Goblin

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Limited Color Vinyl, ships around June 15, 2018. 

In a world gone mad, there are few certainties to cling to. But one thing remains forever unwavering and true: Orange fucking Goblin. Diehard exponents of the noble art of heavy metal since 1995, the London-based quartet have spent the last two decades steadily but surely establishing themselves as one of the UK’s most loved and respected bands. Emerging from the stoner rock explosion of the mid ‘90s, the band led the way for that scene on British shores, kicking off with classic debut album Frequencies From Planet Ten in 1997 and continuing with a steady stream of critically acclaimed albums that boldly and gleefully blurred the lines between stoner, doom, black, crust and southern rock, while always fervently saluting the old school heavy metal flag and the sacred Sabbathian code.

Its rampaging musical contents aside, The Wolf Bites Back is also an album of pitch-black horrors and warped nightmares, as Ben Ward channels his fury and fire through twisted tales of ghouls, witches, warriors and sinister ne’er-do-wells. At the heart of the album, however, lies a sincere and heartfelt frustration at the state of the world and humanity’s resistance to getting our collective shit together.