The Sword-"Conquest of Kingdoms" Black Colored Vinyl, Triple LP Gatefold

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Brand: The Sword

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Black colored Vinyl, Triple LP Gatefold.

Conquest Of Kingdoms is a compendium of career-spanning live performances, b-sides, covers and rarities, culled from the complete studio album recordings of The Sword. This limited edition 3-LP set is housed in triple gatefold packaging and pressed on uniquely colored vinyl. LP1 - Opaque Orange with Blue & Black Splatter LP2 - Split Opaque Orange/Opaque Blue with Black, Blue & Orange Splatter LP3 - Opaque Blue with Orange & Black Splatter

Track Listing:
1.The Horned Goddess [Live At Emo's / 2005], 2.Barael's Blade [Live At Emo's / 2005], 3.Lament For The Aurochs [Live At Emo's / 2005], 4.Iron Swan [Live At Emo's / 2005], 1.The Sundering [Live At Bowery Ballroom / 2007], 2.Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians [Live At Bowery Ballroom / 2007], 3.The Black River [Live At Bowery Ballroom / 2007], 4.The White Sea [Live At Bowery Ballroom / 2007], 1.Sea Of Spears [Live At Stubb's / 2011], 2.Freya [Live At Stubb's / 2011], 3.Night City [Live At Stubb's / 2011], 4.The Chronomancer II: Nemesis [Live At Stubb's / 2011], 1.He's Waiting [C Average Version], 2.Sea Of Spears, 3.Immigrant Song 4.Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings, 5.Codex Corvidae, 6.Freya '08, 1.Forever My Queen, 2.She, 3.Daughter Of Dawn, 4.Farstar, 5.Cold Sweat, 6.Cheap Sunglasses, 1.Hammer Of Heaven, 2.Hexenringe, 3.Seriously Mysterious [Level One Remix], 4.John The Revelator, 5.Turnt To Dust, 6.Serpent Weather