Heavy-Vinyl Presents: An Interview With Dylan Desmond From Bell Witch

"When we started writing the song, Adrian was alive and well, but after he died everything took a twist. It was a different scenario. And the lyrics aren’t supposed to be written about him, but they definitely became a reference to him."

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David Locklear July 10, 2018 Add a comment

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: An Interview with former Sick Puppies vocalist, Shim Moore

"...We’d talk about having a good time and loving life and rock n’ roll and aspiring to a dream we were able to fulfill. So there is a lot more of that type of energy on the solo record."

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David Locklear June 26, 2018 4 comments

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: Carolina Rebellion 2018, Day 3

As we went for beer and nourishment and rest, we could hear Clutch pounding out one of their new live staples, “A Quick Death in Texas” through the air beneath the slowly fading daylight in the sky. It was bittersweet, knowing that in just a few short hours, we would be heading home and this year’s Rebellion will be done. But, what a stellar few hours they were going to be.

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David Locklear June 11, 2018 Add a comment