Heavy-Vinyl Presents: Hopscotch Festival 2018

“Today is when the party really kicks off,” he told me, “A lot of people take Friday off and start partying from now until Sunday morning. I make awesome tips, and most people are surprisingly cool...hardly any fights or assholes.”

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David Locklear October 16, 2018 Add a comment

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: An Interview With Dylan Desmond From Bell Witch

"When we started writing the song, Adrian was alive and well, but after he died everything took a twist. It was a different scenario. And the lyrics aren’t supposed to be written about him, but they definitely became a reference to him."

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David Locklear July 10, 2018 Add a comment

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: An Interview with former Sick Puppies vocalist, Shim Moore

"...We’d talk about having a good time and loving life and rock n’ roll and aspiring to a dream we were able to fulfill. So there is a lot more of that type of energy on the solo record."

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David Locklear June 26, 2018 4 comments