On the Road: Virginia's Blue Ridge Rock Festival

John and I told them we would come by and check out their set, to which they replied: “Please do! We’re playing at the same time as Sevendust, so we don’t know how many people are going to show up…” 

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David Locklear September 29, 2021 Add a comment

We’re heading to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival!

Alright metalheads, we are hitting the road to cover the massive Blue Ridge Rock Festival next week! Keep your eyes out for podcast coverage, show reviews, interviews, photos, and all the shit that goes down when covering a live multi-day festival!!! Watch our socials and make sure to check out www.blueridgerockfest.com….

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David Locklear September 06, 2021 Add a comment

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: Rock/God Podcast interview with Steel Bearing Hand vocalist, Wyatt Burton

We talk to Steel Bearing Hand vocalist, Wyatt Burton, about joining their new album, Slay in Hell, and the band going on hiatus.

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David Locklear May 16, 2021 Add a comment