Heavy-Vinyl Presents: Rock/God Podcast interview with Steel Bearing Hand vocalist, Wyatt Burton

We talk to Steel Bearing Hand vocalist, Wyatt Burton, about joining their new album, Slay in Hell, and the band going on hiatus.

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David Locklear May 16, 2021 Add a comment

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: "Rock/God" Podcast with ACxDC vocalist, Sergio Amalfitano

We interview ACxDC vocalist, Sergio Amalfitano, about their new album and vegan anarchism.

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David Locklear April 01, 2021 2 comments

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: Heavy Mountain Festival 2 Live Coverage

Corrosion of Conformity, Pallbearer, Windhand, Torche, The Skull and Mothership. Need we say more?



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David Locklear March 31, 2021 14 comments