Heavy-Vinyl Presents: An Interview With Eric Wagner (Trouble, The Skull, Blackfinger)

"...things are different now. I don’t want to call it ‘growing up’ or anything, because I never want to do that, but you have to sometimes. Things in life change and you start seeing things differently."

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David Locklear March 02, 2018 Add a comment

Interview with Uncle Acid singer and founder, Kevin Starrs

"Everyone is so used to having so much information with Facebook and Twitter, and giving up everything about themselves, and we’ve never done that. No one knows anything about us, which is kind of interesting."


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David Locklear February 09, 2018 Add a comment

Heavy-Vinyl Presents: An Interview with Gary Spivack, talent booker for Carolina Rebellion

We talk to Gary Spivack, talent booker for Carolina Rebellion, about this year's massive rock and metal lineup and reflections of one of Soundgarden's final performances. 

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David Locklear January 24, 2018 Add a comment