Mournful Congregation-"The Incubus of Karma" Double Black Vinyl


Brand: Mournful Congregation

After more than six years since The Book Of Kings, Mournful Congregation, Australia’s stone pillar of funereal dirge, presents their regal fourth full-length, The Incubus Of Karma. Since that time the band has made several trips to the U.S. and Europe, released the mini-album Concrescence Of The Sophia, and increased their reputation as the pinnacle of extreme / funeral doom and as one of the most influential bands in the genre.  Throughout these intervening years the band has also been meticulously crafting this new masterpiece. Everything that has made them the unchallenged masters of this style is here: the agonizing weight of extreme doom riffs, bitterly sombre dissonance, a painterly attention to detail and arrangement, and vocals summoned from the deepest hole. And as with each album before, the band expands upon their unique progressive tendencies, weaving beautifully constructed solos and lengthy virtuoso interludes into a bleak-yet-intricate tapestry of stately grandeur. An incredible twenty-five years into their existence, Mournful Congregation persist in refining and perfecting their immortal art.