Eye of Nix-"Black Somnia" Original 1st Pressing, Limited Edition Gatefold 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Limited to 250.


Brand: Eye of Nix

Limited Edition Gatefold 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Limited to 250.

Eye Of Nix first began to create abrasive yet kaleidoscopic sounds together in 2012. Current members vocalist Joy Von Spain, guitarist Nicholas Martinez, new bassist Zach Wise (Hissing), and noise/sound collage artist Masaaki Masao strive to conjure music that's threatening, beautiful, and harsh.

Eye Of Nix vocalist Joy Von Spain says of Black Somnia, "In the song 'Wound And Scar,' we strove to evoke finality and resolution through repetitive bass-heavy rhythms accentuated with piano and distorted gong. The lyrics came from a dream about a woman brutally intent upon ending a cycle of fear imprinted on ancestors and passed down through DNA, halting a lineage of misery at any cost. I had been reading about an experiment in which two generations of mice were shown to react with anxiety when exposed to a new and innocuous scent (cherry blossoms), simply because their predecessors had been made to fear it."

Eye of Nix's Black Somnia centers itself on themes of fear, control, and anxiety while shape-shifting through a lens of blackened psychedelia and doom. "Black Somnia includes five new pieces and a re-imagining of 'A Curse.' Our goal for the recording was to frame the songs' turbulence and tension with layers of atmosphere," relays Von Spain.