Isis-"The Mosquito Control"


Brand: Isis

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20 years after its initial 1998 release, ISIS are reissuing their debut EP Mosquito Control. Remastered for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering, the album features new artwork by Aaron Turner and is housed in a heavyweight, reverse-board jacket with custom debossing. As ISISs first official release (originally on Escape Artist Records), Mosquito Control remains a testament to the bands precocious nature with glimpses of their potential as a singular force. Even in this first peek into the oeuvre of the eclectic ensemble, ISIS established themselves as reflective and meticulous crafters, purposefully flowing each song into another and tying together each piece with their first overarching theme: mosquitoes. While the EP captures their penchant for long-form compositions and repetition, there is a desperate immediacy that grips the EP, offering some of the most abrasively affecting, raw, and urgent music of the bands discography.