Noothgrush-"Live For Nothing" Double Black Vinyl.


Brand: Noothgrush

The now legendary Noothgrush, from the Bay area, was berthed in the spring of 1994 by founding members Gary Niederhoff on Bass and Chiyo Nukaga on drums. The band was well known for their consistently bludgeoning assault, played at slow as boiling tar tempos. Their influence can be heard in many modern heavy doom/sludge bands like Cough, Zaroaster, Though, Unearthly Trance etc. Nothgrush ceased to exist in 2001, as the band sought to develop new material and not be forced to perform the old repertoire. Unfortunately, involvement with other bands, jobs etc. kept the group from developing. Live For Nothing is a compilation of two live on the radio broadcasts the band did in the 90s.-Amazon