Brujeria-"Mantando Gueros" Limited Edition Red Vinyl


Brand: Brujeria

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Import, Limited Edition Red Vinyl. 

One one level, Brujeria are a brutally powerful rock band whose music walks along the border of grindcore and death metal. On another, Brujeria are a street-level exercise in performance art. To take them at their word, the members of Brujeria are leaders of a Mexican cartel of drug smugglers, ruthless men who use mutilation and murder to protect their interests. The members of Brujeria perform in disguise, and their music is a reflection of their sociopathic embrace of violence, drugs...however, it’s an open secret that Brujeria aren’t really members of a drug cartel any more than GWAR are alien warriors who crash-landed in Antarctica. The band began as the side project of several noted metal and punk musicians, and while their contribution to the group is well known, officially Brujeria still insist they’re from Tijuana, Mexico, using their collective persona for dramatic effect as well as dark satire.

In 1993, Brujeria released their first full-length, Matando Güeros. The cover featured a gruesome and authentic photo of a severed head, confirming the band intended to create an image as extreme as their music. The album also marked the debut of guitarist Hongo (aka Shane Embury of Napalm Death).