Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard-"Yn Ol I Annwyn" Green/Blue Marble or Red/Amber with Download Card


Brand: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

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Green/Blue Marble or Red/Amber with Download Card. 

'Yn Ol I Annwyn', Welsh for 'Return To The Underworld', it is the third part of the trilogy of albums that began with 'Noeth Ac Anoeth' in 2015 and 2017's 'Y Proffwyd Dwyll' (which got them nominated for the Welsh Music Prize in 2017). The 8 songs that comprise the album, sees the band delve deeper into their collective influences, embracing full on space rock, atmospheric film soundtracks, melancholic acoustic interludes, psychedelia, cosmic moogs and percussion, moments of introspection and light and of course, large helpings of doom. The fat riffs, big hooks and endless space grooves are all present. Jessica Ball's voice glides over it all, both sweet and melancholy, yet this time more assured.

SIDE A 1. Tralfamadore 2. The Spaceships Of Ezekiel

SIDE B 1. Fata Morgana 2. Du Bist Jetzt Nicht In Der Zukunft

SIDE C 1, Yn Ol I Annwyn 2, Katyusha

SIDE D 1. The Majestic Clockwork 2. Five Days In The Abyss