Margarita Witch Cult-"S/T" Limited Striped Vinyl, Import


Brand: Margarita Witch Cult

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Limited Striped Vinyl, Import. 

Margarita Witch Cult is a new and emergent heavy rock band from Birmingham, UK, with an imposing sound which draws inspiration from the archetypes of doom metal, stoner rock, and heavy psychedelia.

A dynamic hard rocker which serves as the first taste of the band's upcoming debut album, which is set to be released in 2023. The fresh trio deliver a distinct kind of cosmic heaviness, bringing new life to the long line of Sabbath-esque doom rock bands, in the vein of Electric Wizard's occult aesthetics and the psychedelic weightiness of acts like Windhand, Acid King, and the like.

Hefty riffs, monolithic energy and strong performances make up the fine hard rock spirit of Margarita Witch Cult.