Nebula-"To The Center" Limited Edition Splatter Vinyl.


Brand: Nebula

Limited Edition Splatter Vinyl. 

Heavy Psych Sounds present a reissue of Nebula's "To The Center", originally released in 1999. Nebula's first non-EP, full-length release, "To The Center" is another retro-psychedelic heavy rock platter, long on stripped-down riff muscle and surprisingly technically adept guitar jams. The results sometimes meander, which probably isn't of much consequence if this brand of metal is your bag, since this is what you'd expect in this perception-expanding context. What matters more than tightly structured songs are riffs and atmosphere, and both of those are in abundance here. "To The Center" was released in 1999 on Sub Pop. The album has much more of a progressive/psychedelic sound to it than most of the band's other albums. Produced by Jack Endino and Nebula.; Engineered by Jack Endino and recorded at Hanzsek Audio, Seattle, April 1999. Includes unlisted bonus tracks.