Scorpion Child-“Acid Roulette” Swamp Green Double Vinyl with Liner Notes Signed By the Band


Brand: Scorpion Child

Limited to 500 - Swamp Green Double vinyl in gatefold jacket printed on uncoated stock. Comes with separate liner notes signed by the band!

A rock ‘n’ roll record should unlock a journey. The music, lyrics, and aura can summon a trip out of the ether. SCORPION CHILD conjure that kind of trip on their second full-length album, "Acid Roulette".

“We didn’t want to divorce what we had built on the first record,” explains Aryn. “At the same time, we wanted to show we could do a lot of different things. The goal was to create a sound that could be both ethereal and turbulent. It was a journey making it. We all were going through a lot of stuff, but everything fell into place.”

A tale of love, loss, lust, betrayal, and a game called "Acid Roulette", the record follows the story of a doomed love that lands the male protagonist behind bars while his wife lives out an affair with her wealthy lover.

“With extensive touring, you experience so many things,” Aryn goes on. “I had this lucid dream about a bohemian guy who gets framed for a murder he perhaps did or didn’t do. He goes to prison for life. In order to mentally escape, he plays Acid Roulette.The inmates would take a jar and cut up a sheet of acid and a sheet of paper. They’d mix it all up. Some guys wound up with like five hits of acid, while other people got none. It’s crazy.”